Thursday, January 20, 2011

Craft CHALLENGE - Day 2

Today was a fun project that I literally should have made like 4 months ago.  A friend of mine (you know who you are, LOL) had a baby girl in August, and I wanted to make this as a gift for the baby.  I waited so long that I had to go out and buy a bigger size onesie because I was afraid the original one would be too small now.  In any case, it's done - and totally cute!  I love pink and green together, and I used a really soft knit jersey fabric - lovin it!

I was on such a roll, and had bought a matching crochet hat, so I went ahead and added a flower to that as well.  The green looks a little faded in these photos, but it's the same color as the ones above.

Cute little matching set, dontcha think?  

I may just have to upload these little dittys to my etsy shop.  I will be doing much more with this flower technique - and the jersey knit is great.  

See you tomorrow!!

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