Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 12 - Embellishing my Antique Store Find!!!

Hello...we meet again!  I feel like a crafting fool these past few weeks - whew!  I am having a blast, who am I kidding!

So, yesterday I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and right next door is an enormous antique store.  Hmmm, my husband had Addie, I thought I would browse.... and browse I did.  I was really looking for some specific things, and came up empty - BUT - I did find this cute litte crochet pageboy for $4!!  Love it!

Which brings me to today's craft.  While this little beauty is cute on its own, I still found the need to embellish - I can never let it go!!  What did it need?  You guessed it...a flower!

I had bought some little pre-crocheted flowers at Joann's a few months ago with the intention of using them to embellish some gloves.  Unfortunately - they were too big for that - but perfect for this!

I decided to cut another flower out of some tan cordoroy fabric I had bought in the remnant pile, and added a cute brown button.

Here she is now!

And that brings me to the comical part of this project.  I could have asked my husband to take some photos of me, but decided to let him be and take them myself.  HAHA - not as easy as I thought...

Yeah, that's not gonna work...

And...nice try

Nope, not that one either
Whoa - CLOSE UP!!!
Stupid smile...

That'll do I guess...
The hat is cute though - right??  LOL.  I love it - maybe I should have used my tripod??

Till tomorrow!

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  1. WOW So Awesome ! This should so be your full time job!! You look Great in that Hat!!