Saturday, January 8, 2011

So Tacky!

May 2, 2010 (Moved from my original blog location)

    So, I have discovered that I have a Love-Hate relationship with tacky tape. If any of you are paper crafters, I am sure you relate to my experience. The stuff is awesome – it is super sticky and will hold together anything. I have decided, however, that it is not for use in big volume projects. 
    Of course, in trying to be economical, I decided to get the wider tape and cut the strips in half to get 6 yards out of the 3 that came in the package. My good paper scissors are totally covered with glue, and are now sticking to all of my paper – lovely. The best part of course is that the little pieces of red plastic that cover the wonderful stickiness are now all over my house. The stuff is impossible to clean up! Once you peel the plastic off the glue, it becomes filled with static. Not cool when you are trying to put down the scissors, hold a different piece on each finger because you have just cut one long strip into 4, only to realize that you have red plastic stuck all over your hands and up your arms! The best part is when you have to clean up your pile of plastic strips off the table – just when you think you have gotten it all, you find a piece stuck to your leg, or in my case, your face! 
    Here’s the silver lining to my red plastic cloud – I found a solution!! A little birdie told me about a product from Scotch – the 3M 714 ATG. It is a glue gun with a trigger that works like regular glue runner adhesive. It supposedly is stickier than tacky tape, a million times easier to use, and the glue rolls come in 36 yards! The glue gun itself is around $40, and the glue rolls are about $3.50 a piece. I think I have found my saving grace – I am ordering one today! So long sticky red tape – you are too tacky for me!!!

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