Monday, February 7, 2011

An Award for Me...Seriously?

Wow...all I can say is wow!  This morning when I checked my email, I was both shocked and quite honestly floored to find that I had been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Theresa @ All is Well!  I am so flattered and excited - this is my first award!  Thank you so much Theresa for honoring me - you are super talented, and this really means alot!

Now I need to tell you all 7 things about me.  Hmm...this is kind of hard since I just shared a bunch a few weeks ago with you all...Here goes nothing...

1.  My love for crafting started about 8 years ago when I attended a friend's Creative Memories party.  It all started with Scrapbooking, the funny thing is, I never did finish Addison's First Year scrapbook!  

2.  I have worked in Advertising/Marketing since I graduated from college in 2000.  Now, with my recent layoff, my husband and I are seriously considering the possibility of me following my dreams and passions and cultivating this business full time!  Both scary and exciting, but I think this may be my time!!

3.  My sister is expecting her first baby - a GIRL!!!  My mom and I are in the midst of planning her baby shower, and am DYING to share everything I have been working on with you.  BUT - I want it all to be a surprise, so I can't post anything until it's over!

4.  I have a VERY talented and creative family.  My mom is a crazy crafty DIYer with a love of all things cottage.  She is such an inspiration to me, and I wish we lived closer so we could craft together!  My sister is an amazing photographer AND makes adorable flip flops and headbands, among a million other things!  My dad makes beautiful stained glass (you probably saw some of his lamps in a recent post of mine)!  

5.  Before I started this blog, I would spend hours upon hours on other people's blogs.  I never thought I could do one myself, but here I am!!

6.  I dream about owning a little bungelow on the beach someday!  

7.  I love food - seriously love to cook it and eat it.  I make recipes from Giada, and always love to try new things.  Ironically - if I had to choose a last meal before I would be Kraft Mac & Cheese (the original in the box) and fish sticks.  Yes - you heard me sticks!

Now, it is time for me to pass on this award to 8 more Stylish bloggers.  This is the easy part.  All of these ladies inspire me on a regular basis, and I am happy to pass this on to:

Craftberry Bush - Lucy had me a few months ago with her Romantic Paper Flowers.  She is so talented!

MommaHen - Those burlap pillows that Amy made are awesome, and I plan on making some VERY soon!

My Crazy Decorating Addiction - You have to check out Kerri-Lynn's kids rooms!  They are seriously something out of a catalog!

Two Girls Being Crafty - Tristin and Sharon are amazing.  I love, well, EVERYTHING they do.

Little Things Bring Smiles - I love Katie's Rustic Valentine's decor and her Book Letters!

Homework - I recently found Carolyn when she posted her blanket scarf.  After reading her blog, I was truly inspired!

Scissors & Spatulas - Jen has so many amazing DIY projects.  I especially love the nursery knock off!

Ten June - Michelle's Wire Picture Frame Tutorial is so cute.  I totally want to make one of these!!

To accept this award you have to follow these 4 rules:

1)  Thank and link back to the blogger who
awarded you with the award
2)  Share 7 Things about yourself 
3)  Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers 
4)  Contact the bloggers and inform them of  the award

Thanks again to Theresa!!  


  1. Thanks so much for passing on the award, girl!! I really appreciate it! Can't wait to go check out some of these other blogs : ) Have a great week!

  2. Once again Very Very Cute!! I love the color!!

  3. Oh my gosh, you're so sweet to pick my little corner of the world as one of your 8 bloggers! Thanks so much! I will do my duty and pass it along to some other deserving bloggers out there! Kerri xo
    My {Crazy} Decorating Addiction

  4. COngrats on your award and thanks for sending one my way. ;)

  5. Hey Jenn ! Thank so much for the sweet ! xoxo

  6.'re sweet Jenn! You are super-crafty...l.o.v.e. the spring bunting and the hair ties:)