Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A big "Oh No" with only one day left...

Second to the last day of the challenge, and I hit it - my first creative block!!!!!  I made something - but I may owe you a makeup day.  I started with the idea to make Addison a bracelet.  I have been seeing macrame all all over the place for spring, and when I was in elementary school I was OBSESSED with macrame!  My friend Michelle and I used to sit for hours on end knotting string and yarn to make bracelets.  So that's where I begin, early this morning.  I sat watching Regis and Kelly making a bracelet - but I didn't like it, so I made another.  But then I didn't like that one either.

First Attempt

Second Attempt - Even Worse
Next i decided to scrap the macrame and just braid three pieces and connect them together in the back with ribbon, maybe even adding some buttons.  This is where that ended...

I don't dislike these, and still make do something with them, but wasn't feeling it today.

Then, I grabbed some fabric and thought it might look pretty if I braided it.  I was getting warmer, but still not there yet.

Finally, disgusted, I decided to take a crack at fabric macrame.  I was definitely liking the thickness of this better.  It had a very dainty vintage look, but still needed something so I added a pink rosette.  I like the bracelet, but Addie loved it, so I guess that's good.  Here she is:

That's it for today - sorry about my block.  You want to know the ironic thing?  My kitchen table is a beautiful disaster right now.  It's so colorful, and is actually starting to inspire me!  LOL.

Maybe I'll get creative second wind later tonight.  Let me know if you want a make good for this post.  :o)

Till tomorrow - the last day of the challenge!!!!!

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  1. Cute I like it it looks awesome on that little arm..

  2. So cute! And I love the picture of the kitchen table--my table looks like that quite often!