Friday, February 18, 2011

This is too weird...

So, today was my first day without a project to post, and I was looking forward to having a day off.  BUT - it feels really weird...I don't like it at all!!  I am actually working on a large invitation order, so I hope to post it tomorrow.

I am reaching out to ALL of you for help and advice.  This is a VERY serious issue, LOL.  Hubby is an avid hunter and fisherman.  Back in August he caught the striper of his life - it weighed almost 30 lbs and was like 40 inches long or something.  He tried to release it as he always does, but he fought the fish for so long that the fish didn't make it.  So, feeling bad for him (and proud), I told him to go ahead and get the fish mounted.  How bad could it be, right?  We already have 2 deer heads mounted (please don't judge me).  Oddly enough, before I married him, I wouldn't even eat in a restaurant that had animals hanging on the, my house is starting to resemble a taxidermy shop.

Anyway - he finally went to pick up the fish the other day.  This thing is a MONSTER.  Not to mention that it is mounted to this enormous piece of driftwood.  I don't have any clue what to do with this thing.  It is hanging in our great room right now, it is really the only place we have room for it...but I need help trying to figure out how to decorate around it and make it look normal.  This is a challenge, and I have been looking for ideas, but somehow haven't been able to find decorating tips for Jaws...

Huge, right?

He's gonna eat me...
So - now you see my dilemma.  I want to be supportive, and let him display his trophy, but don't want to sacrifice my that even possible?

OK - so now is where you flood my inbox with ideas.  Whoever sends me the best ideas gets a 30 lb striper as a prize!!!  :o)

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  1. Oh My, your House, sounds Like my house.. I will have to think on this. K has all his hunts and heads in his office. This will be quite a challenge.