Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcycling Some Tin Cans on Day 14!

I started this 30-Day challenge for numerous reasons, one of which was to tackle some much needed things that needed to be done around the house.  This leads me to today's project...

Addison has about a billion crayons, markers and pencils that tend to get scattered about - See Exhibit A:

(That New Moon cup - yeah that was mine - I admit it.  I love Twilight!!)  But anyway - that cup was used to store all most of her writing utensils.  Not a very organized system I know.  She usually ends up dumping them all out on the floor to find what she needs.

So today, I decided to put some old vegetable cans that I was saving to good use.  Since Addie is learning her letters and can now recognize her name, I wanted to make it somewhat educational. 

I wrote "Addison's Pencils", "Addison's Markers" and "Addison's Crayons" on some scrapbook paper that was designed to look like Kindergarten Ruled paper.  Then I wrapped the cans, and added some yarn around the center.  It still needed something after that, so I made a flower out of some felt, yarn, ribbon and a button.  

Super cute and now she can finally have a little bit of organization.  Plus, maybe now she can learn how to spell some new words!

Till tomorrow!!


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  1. This is so cute and such a great way to keep things organized! I love the little flowers!

  2. very cute...love the little flower button!!

  3. Such a fun way to organize.. I am going to add this to my Bookmark Page on my blog! {with it linking back to yours for credits, of course} thanks for sharing