Sunday, March 6, 2011

Party Crashers

I don't have a craft to share today, but I do have a funny story.  So, yesterday we had a birthday party to go to.  Addison came home from school last week with an invitation in her backpack, it wasn't addressed to her, but it was in her backpack.  Hers, right?  I'm not so sure...

The RSVP date on the invite was for March 1st, which with all of the stuff going on with my mom right now, it slipped my mind and I called on the 2nd.  I left a voicemail apologizing for the late RSVP and that I would understand if it was too late. I never heard back, so I assumed it was ok for us to come.

So towards the end of the week I started to ask Addie a little about the birthday girl.  Would she like a headband?  What kind of things did she like?  She couldn't really answer any of the questions.  I thought it was odd, but sometimes Addie isn't really forthcoming with information.  I knew that there wasn't an Isabelle in her class, but her Pre-K is actually at the daycare that she has been attending since she was six weeks old.  She pretty much knows all of the kids her age, so I assumed that Isabelle was in another class and maybe just an acquaintance.  "Addison, does she have long hair or short?" I asked.  "Ummm - I don't know" was the response.  "How do you not know?" "Well, she's in the 5 year old class."  Ok, "Is she turning 5?"  "No, she's turning six".  Hmm...this seems fishy, but ok.

So, I made the headband, card and gift bag and off we went to the party yesterday.  As we pulled in the parking lot for the mall, Addie said "What's her name again?"  "Who?", I asked.  "The girl who's party we are going to..." "Isabelle", I said.  "Addison, she invited you to her party, how do you not know her name?".  This was getting frustrating, but not totally out of the norm.  Honestly, I really don't know why it never registered for me...

So, we walked into the party which was held at a little kids salon type place.  They have dress up clothes for them, do their nails, makeup, hair - the whole 9.  Right up Addison's alley.  I looked around and saw not one person that we knew.  No parents of any of the other kids in her class, and quite honestly, no 4 or 5 year old little girls.  They were all bigger kids - like 7 or 8.  But, we put the gift on the gift table and started to hang with the kids.  Isabelle's mom came over and introduced herself and welcomed us.  Ok - that's cool - but I was still starting to sweat.  Really sweat it out.  Were we supposed to be here?  It was Addison's turn in the dressing room to put on the dress she chose.  I walked in to help - ok really to interrogate.  "Addie, do you KNOW any of these kids?"  "No" She replied.  "What about Isabelle, do you know her?"  "I don't think so".  OH MY GOSH - WE TOTALLY CRASHED THIS PARTY!!!

At that point, I didn't know what to do.  Do I approach the mom?  Hang out like we belonged???  Ahhh!!  I did all I could think of to do.  I snuck out to call my mom while Addie got her nails painted.  She laughed at me and told me to talk to the mom.  So I embarrassing!!

"So...Addison is having a great time, but I need to ask a stupid question.  I know this is going to sound crazy, but was Addie invited to this party?"  She looked at me like I was crazy...I kept going.  "It's possible that the invitation ended up in her backpack at school, but it wasn't for her".  She assured me that it was fine, and that yes, we were invited.  That she had given her daughter a handful of invitations to give to whoever she wanted at school.  Ok, I thought, we'll stay.

Addie ended up having a great time. I thanked the hostess for the invite and we left as soon as the party was over.  I'm still not convinced that we were supposed to be there.  Addison still tells me she knew no one there, not even the birthday girl.  But - it is what it is I guess.  How embarrassing!  I think we totally crashed a (insert age here because I'm not sure how old she was) birthday party.


  1. LOLOLOLOLOL Oh my goodness this is so great. I would have been dying.. Thank you so much for the great story!! it made my night!

  2. Ohmygoodness! This was so funny! I would have been so embarrassed, but you played it off well!