Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Custom Thank You Cards

Hey Everyone!!  My traveling is finally done, and after a 3 hour delay yesterday afternoon, I am back in Georgia!  I had such a fabulous trip to visit my family.  Now that the baby shower is over, I can resume somewhat normalcy.  I have a lot of projects backed up - like finishing my kitchen table and chairs, and doing something fun with the goodies I got at Goodwill!  Over the next few days though, I want to share some of the fun gifts I made for my sister.  

The first is a pack of custom thank you cards that matched the theme of the shower.  I wanted the design to be somewhat simple, and to include the bunting that you saw in both the invitations and decor.  She absolutely loved them - to my surprise - I actually think that this was her favorite gift!  

More tomorrow!!  Have a great Tuesday!!

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