Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Heart NJ

We had a fabulous trip to New Jersey - lots of beach and family time!!  My family lives near Long Beach Island - it's where I grew up!  I love that place so much - and even more, I love taking my daughter to see and do all of the things that I experienced as a kid.  It warms my heart to see her reaction to things that I took for granted living there all of my life.  I have such a new appreciation for everything there now - my family, the beach, all the way down to the mosquitoes!!  I love everything about it. 

This was an extra special trip for us because we got to meet the newest addition to our family - miss Brooklyn.  She's only 6 weeks old, but I love that little bundle almost as much as my own daughter.  She is the sweetest little baby, and we just soaked her up while we were there.  Addie impressed me with her thoughtfulness and caring attitude toward her new cousin.  I was nervous because in the past, she has always been a bit jealous when I hold another baby.  With Brooklyn, she fed her, held her, pushed her in the stroller, you name it - she wanted to be involved.  They were some of the sweetest moments ever!

I know you probably hate when people force their family vacation photos on you, but I just had to share.  My family and my roots are a huge part of who I am - and I love every bit of it!!

Addie rolling in the sand - she brought home half the beach with her that day!

My sister Nicole (aka Aunt Coli Coli) with baby Brooklyn - so sweet!!
Addie posing for her cameo
Coli Coli with her entourage - Brooklyn, Addie and cousin Emma

Addie and her cousin Emma

Addie and I enjoying the cool water on a hot day

Coli Coli and Addie at the Ocean City Boardwalk - a Jersey Staple!!

Addie and I about to ride the swings at the Boardwalk

One of the only rides that didn't scare her...

Addie, Mimi and Coli Coli

Beach babe Brooklyn in her little tent

Last beach day  - bitter sweet!
Thanks for enduring the photos - I hope it gives you a little glimpse into what makes me tick.  I love the Jersey Shore!

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