Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Mantle - and a Little Visitor

This is going to be a long post - I apologize.  I just couldn't keep this story from you guys - it's too good!!

A few weeks ago, Addie and I had a girls day and went antiquing with a friend.  The first place we went, I noticed a bunch of old windows and doors leaning up against the fence in the back.  The shop was cute, and they had a bunch of amazing things, but they were already refinished (what fun is that?) - nonetheless, I was drawn to the junk in the back.  I asked the shop owner if the windows were for sale - they were only $5!!  SOLD!!  So, I picked out a good one, and carted it 2 blocks (dirt and all) to my car.  It was too big to fit in my trunk, so it went in the back seat with Addie.

When we got home, my new jewel went in the garage until I figured out what I wanted to do with it.  I went in there multiple times, and stared at this window....trying to figure out what to do with it.  As I was staring at it, I noticed a small hole in the front.  As I peered closer, the hole appeared to be inhabited - by a very large black bug.  Was it dead?  I looked closer - aughhh it moved!!!  OK - done with that.  So it sat...for 4 weeks, and so did the bug.

I went in there this past weekend to get a closer look - it HAD to be dead by now!  I looked real close, OMG - it popped it's little head and antennas out!!  EWW!  What IS that?!?!?!  Hubby was out fishing, and as soon as he got home, I said "I have a job for you!!!".  He took the window out, and hit the back of it real hard.  Nothing.  So then he sprayed weed killer in the hole, and out popped a carpenter bee!  He had burrowed his way in, and made himself a little home.  OK - the bee was out...or was it?

See him in there???
We thought it was dead, but when I went out to take a picture of it - he was gone!  So, I brought the window back into the garage, but he wasn't gone!!  For 8 hours, he hovered outside the garage - and flew in every time we opened the door!  Finally - we went out for the evening - and after Addie was in tears afraid of the bee - we finally thought he was gone.

Wrong!  We woke up Sunday morning - opened the garage door - and there he was!!  Dive bombing our heads once again!  I needed to hose this window down to get all the dirt off, but was afraid he would burrow back in!!  I started to feel kind of bad for this homeless bee.  But it was then the he met his demise by the swat of a broom.  Hubby got him good.

So - after all of that...here is the window.  One side is painted and chipped, and lovely - the other side is wood with lovely hardware.

This is why I cannot decide what to do with it.  Do I use the chippy goodness, sand and paint the whole thing???  I don't know!!!  In the end - I said screw it.  I'll use it as is for now, and decide later.

Finally - here's my summer mantle:

Hope you enjoyed my bee story!!  RIP little carpenter buddy...

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  1. Oh. my. gosh. I think you might just leave it as is, it is already gorgeous!!! Looks fantastic on your mantle!!! Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays Treasures.

  2. Wow, your mantle is sooooo pretty. I think I love everything about it! I had a chippy green and white window and decided to paint it and then distress it. I love how it turned out. Although your window is pretty perfect as it is. :)

  3. Great job with the mantle! The window is gorgeous and that star is so pretty. And bees are stinkers, aren't they?! Visiting from TT&J :)


  4. Love, Love! I'm actually on the lookout tonight for windows b/c a friend just GAVE me one she almost through away and I'm looking for ideas. I love that you left yours as is, it looks perfect with your other decor!

  5. so pretty! what a great find. :)

  6. Looks wonderful!! Loved the bee story.


  7. This window pane idea inspires me to go thrifting. The mantle placement looks wonderful!

  8. Hi Jenn, He was a persistent little bug! Your mantel is beautiful and I love the window and wire sand dollar.

  9. Hi Jenn,
    Love your summer look mantel! I'm addicted to old windows also and use them alot. I have a white one for summer and a dark one with a turkey feather wreath for winter. You can just flip yours over and have a new look. They are fun! Found you thru the block party.

  10. I love the beachy feel that you get from the chippy paint! We have those same kind of bees that like to make holes in our front porch...not fun!