Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movie Themed Thank You Cards

I am finally getting around to sending out thank you cards for Addison's party.  I'm terrible, right?  The worst part is that because I waited so long, now she doesn't see the same kids who were in her summer camp.  And I don't have their address.  Not sure what I'm gonna do about those.....

In any case - I designed 2 thank you cards.  One for people who sent gifts, and one for the actual party attendees. 

If you remember, the kids all posed on the red carpet for a photo (they were such stars!).  I printed all of the photos with an antique finish to make them look more Hollywood Glamour.  I added photo corners to secure the picture in - that way her friends will have a keepsake photo with their friend Addie!

That's it!!  Now I just have to fill them out, get Addie to sign them and try to locate some of these addresses.  It may be another week before I actually get them in the mail!  LOL.

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