Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Social Features

 Before I start my features, I just have to say that today has been an emotional day for me.  My gram passed away exactly one year ago today, and I miss her sooo much!  There are so many times I have wanted to just pick up the phone and call to tell her something. I can still hear her voice in my head, "Hi Jennifer" when I called, or always telling me to "get" (while laughingly slapping my hand), when I tried to steal something off the counter when she was cooking.  She was the best cook (much like Paula Dean with the amount of butter she used), and she and my grandfather loved to bake together.  She was a wonderful woman and I miss her every day.  I am blessed to have so many amazing memories of her!

This first feature made me cry.  I'll admit it.  Maggie at Midwestern Sewing Girl made this absolutely beautiful mini album full of photos from when her Gran was younger.  I love this - I need to get my hands on some old photos so I can make one of these.  

I almost lost it when I saw these PAINTED shoes from Southern Lovely.  The yellow is awesome!  I need me a pair of yellow shoes!  Thanks for sharing the tutorial Lindsay!!

Finally - this next project is pinned to my "Things I Have To Make" board.  Kim from It's a Crafty Life made this bench from scratch!!  I LOVE it!  I have been wanting to buy a bench, but now I can just MAKE one!!  This fabric is great too!

Thanks everyone for linking up!!  You think I was emotional today?  Wait till tomorrow - my baby is starting KINDERGARTEN!!!

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  1. Oh, are wonderful. Thank you so much for the feature...Your Gram sounds were very lucky to have had her...