Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe

I wanted to post this yesterday, but Hubby and I only have hard copies of our wedding photos, and scanning them took way longer than I thought!!  I could either have spent our anniversary writing a blog post, or actually spent time with Hubby - I think you know what my choice was...  

Eight years ago, I married my wonderful husband, Justin!!  We were very blessed that day - we were surrounded by rain - but somehow we managed to stay in the only pocket of sunshine.  

Our wedding was in Margate, NJ- this photo pretty much captures the feel of the wedding - the beach and my favorite season, fall!

My sister was my maid of honor, and we helped each other get ready - a memory I will never forget!

Justin and I made the decision to get some pictures on the beach before the ceremony.  He saw me before I walked down the aisle - whoops! That's ok - we got some great photos!!

As you can see - we were a bit excited to have it all done!!  

I think at this moment, a flower petal went down the front of my dress, LOL.  Made for a great shot though!

This was the reception room at the Blue Heron Pines Golf Club.  I still love this room!!  It was so quaint and cozy.

My dad makes stained glass, and made all of our favors - maple leaf sun catchers!  I still put them on my windows every fall!!

Our friend Howie made a speech, telling the story of how we met - it was pretty funny. 

Our first dance....

This picture makes me smile.  It is polish tradition to do a dollar dance, while wearing a babushka.  Here I was dancing with my gram - she passed away last August, and I miss her every day,

Everyone broke it down that night - there was so much dancing!!  We really had fun - I think by the time everyone left, they were all shedding layers - what a blast!  Here's hubby dancing to foot loose. lol.  Too funny!!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!  Here's to 8 years, and many more to come.  I love you!!!


  1. happy anniversary Jen! You were a beautiful bride : )

  2. What a gorgeous wedding, bride, groom, everything! Congrats! Here's to many many more.

  3. So beautiful Jen! I also gr married in the fall (sep7) Congrats sweetie and God bless you guys with love for an eternity...xo

  4. I love this so much.. How beautiful you both are!!
    Happy Happy Day to you both..

  5. Jen i loved the vine and lights you used where did you get them? i am also getting married at Blue Heron Pines and love this look!!!