Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I Really Need To Blog"

These words have been repeated in my household over the last two weeks.  I feel like all I have done is apologize over the past month about how bad I have been at writing - I know you are sick of hearing it.  I have a reason for the lack of posting, that I will be able to share soon, and I think then it will all start to make sense.  Until then, however, thank you for being so wonderful and understanding!!

You may have noticed this weekend that Saturday Social was a no show.  It has been really hard to get consistent participants, so I have decided to put the party on hold for a bit.  I think that I need to re-think it - maybe just do it once a month, or move it to a different day - not sure.  Any suggestions?

That's all really.  Just wanted to write to tell you that I am still alive.  I still love blogging, and am working on some fun fall projects that I will be sharing very soon.  Anyone else getting in the fall mood?  The weather here has finally dipped below the 90's, and it's absolutely glorious!!!  I'm definitely getting in the fall spirit!!!


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