Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3rd Annual Halloween Bash - Blair Witch Style

I love Halloween - so much so that for the past three years, we have hosted a Halloween party.  Now, it's become sort of an annual thing.  This year, when planning my video invitation, I decided on a Blair Witch theme.  I wanted to "re-create" the apology scene from The Blair Witch Project - and yes...I am going to share it with you.  PLEASE don't judge my acting skills, LOL!!!  (I cannot believe this is the first video I am going to post)!

So, in keeping with the theme, I knew I wanted to make some of those scary stick figures to hang from my front porch.  Making these was actually fun - they were super easy to replicate with some sticks, twine and a little hot glue.  I actually spray painted them with glow in the dark paint, but with the flash (and the street light) it it kind of hard to see in this pic.

When you walked into the entrance, we had purple lights going up the staircase with spider webs in the spindles. I apologize for the pictures - I had to take them in the dark, so they aren't the best.

To the left of our staircase is our dining room, where we set up the food every year.  I decided to go glow in the dark this year, and spray painted everything I could with some fluorescent green spray paint.  Then, with fishing line, I hung glow in the dark beach balls from the ceiling, which looked like they were floating in mid air.

Since all of our guests were bringing a dish, I made food labels for everyone to put in front of their dish.  That way, all of our guests could vote on the best tasting and best display.  

People went all out on their dishes - they did such a fantastic job!!  This was a dish I made - Shriveled Potatoes with Romesco Sauce - ala Martha Stewart!

My friend Ginger (from The Savvy Shanty) made these Morning After Eyeballs!!

Another guest brought these awesome Witches Finger cookies.  So cool looking!

Then, my two favorites.  The first was a cupcake display called "Baby Cakes".  Too creepy, right?

And finally the winner of the Best Display....The Prosciutto Ham Head!  So gross!

The rest of the house was decorated as well - it took me hours to get it all done!  Here's some shots of the Kitchen, Bath Room, and of course, my Halloween Mantle.

Sneak Peak of my costume, can you guess who I was??

And finally, after many weeks of deciding, I decided to play up the baby bump and go as Juno - complete with the Sunny D!

We had a blast at the party!  Everyone looked amazing, and it was a huge success.  It was a lot of work (which is one reason I have been so MIA), but worth it! I already have ideas brewing for next year!!  

Happy Halloween!!

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