Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fast and Fun Order!

A few weeks ago I had a client call on a Friday and ask if I could make some bridal shower invitations for her.  The only catch was that she needed them quick, like, by Monday.  To be honest, I didn't even have to think about it - it had been so long since I had made invitations that I jumped at the chance.  I asked her the color scheme, and what style the bride liked, and she gave me free reign to design whatever I wanted!  LOVE those types of orders!

I decided to take time during my lunch break to get a jump start on two designs (I love giving options if I can).  To my surprise, I was on a creative roll, and had both designs done in an hour.  Wow!  

This was the one that she chose, and I also design custom wrap around labels for her to place on the envelopes.  I always give my clients this option - I personally detest hand addressing envelopes - the easier the better right?  All she literally had to do was seal the envelopes, slap a stamp on them and toss them in the mailbox!

I have blurred out important contact information in order to keep it confidential.

Return address

This was the design she chose!

And this was the other design option I gave - cute, right?

She was really happy with them - and so was I!  I busted out 2 great designs and hand made 23 invites in 2 days - not bad!  I was literally jones-ing to make these.  There is something about feeling the paper in my hands, and seeing the final design result that just gets me charged.  Fun!!

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