Thursday, October 6, 2011

Numbered Chairs

The name of the game around here lately has been PROCRASTINATION!!  I have a ton of projects that I keep adding to my list, and with the baby coming, that list will continue to grow.  I completed my kitchen table and chairs in the beginning of the summer, but have been wanting to number the backs of the chairs forever.  I was afraid after all of the sanding and painting, that somehow I would screw up all of that hard work.  Finally, I decided - just do it!  

It literally took me all of 30 minutes, and was the easiest project I have done in a long time!  I should have known.  Either way - I am thrilled with the way they came out!  

All I did was create a stencil by cutting out the numbers and letters with my cricut.  I used quilting spray (that I had on hand) and lightly sprayed the back of the cardstock and stuck it down where I wanted it.  Then I taped down the edges with painters tape to make sure it didn't slide.  Then, after debating on whether or not to paint it, I decided that the easiest and cleanest way was just to fill it in with black Sharpie!

Easy peasy - and it came out exactly like I wanted it to!

All done - now I need to start tackling the rest of the to-do list!!!

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  1. Love this! Looks so great. I added numbers to my dining chairs too and couldn't have been happier!