Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yard Sale Finds!!

Twice a year, my neighborhood hosts a community yard sale from Friday - Sunday.  Usually, I can't go "shopping" on Friday morning, but now that I work from home - I was out the door as soon as Addie got on the school bus!  I didn't have a ton of time, but had a strategy that definitely worked out in my favor.  There is a section of newer houses (my neighborhood is huge) - so my plan was to start there.  In the past, I have started on the side of the older houses, which, after all of the years of living here, those people have already sold everything.  My plan was, if I started with the newer houses, I had a better shot of finding those hidden gems - jackpot!

First, I found this bread box, which is rather country looking at the moment, but I have ideas for this one!!  In between this house and the next lovely find, I picked Addie up some puzzles, a few barbie dolls, a really cute fall jacket, and some crocs!  I also found a king-sized sheet set for $12.

Then, I found a house with some really great, really low priced vintage items.  I had my eye on an awesome bird cage (for $5) but as I was staring at it trying to think of where I could put it, a lady came up and snatched it right out from under me!  You snooze you lose, I guess!  

But I did get this really beautiful silver bowl (made in Denmark in 1928), which I scored for $4!  Then, the piece de resistance.....

I have been looking for a cool frame that I can turn into a memo board.  SCORE!  I love the carved details on this old wooden frame, and for only $2!  This is perfect for my project!!

So, all in all, in an hour's time - I think I did pretty good!!  LOVE other people's trash! 

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  1. You got some great finds! How are you doing your memo board? I found a similar frame over the summer and used chalkboard paint on the mirror. It was an epic fail. The chalk just scratched it all up so I'm back to square one!