Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Gift Idea - Marble Magnets

So, I did a little brainstorming with my boss on some diy gifts for our clients.  We threw around a bunch of ideas, but in the end decided to make marble magnets.  I was very honored because she asked me to make them!  This was a fun project - so much fun that I ended up making a set for Addie's teacher as her gift.  This was an easy project, and you can find the full tutorial over at Not Martha.

For the client magnets, I used portions of our logo (the boxes) to make gift boxes.   I ordered all of my supplies online since we had to make 80 sets of them, but I know you can get all of this at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

We wanted the magnets to be useful, so in addition to our logo, I designed some simple phrases, printed them at Kinkos (you definitely want to use a laser printer if you print your own), and punched them with a 1" circle punch.

We have gotten some great feedback on them - our clients liked them alot!

So that brings me to Addison's teacher.  For her, I designed a custom label as well - had to incorporate some pink (Addie's favorite color)!

For these, I punched the circles out of white cardstock and let Addie go to town coloring and designing her own.  I wanted something more personal, and let Addie put her creative touch on them.  She was so excited to help mommy craft.

Sorry for all of the shadows.  These shots were all taken before school so the sun had just come up.  Not the best lighting.

All-in-all, this was a super easy teacher's gift - AND totally different.  It's nice to know her teacher will have a gift that she can use for years and can remember Addie every time she uses them.


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  1. Thanks for the idea!!! I will be using that this year.

  2. Those are very cool! Especially neat because every time a client or teacher uses or looks at them (which is often) they will be reminded of you and your company/kids!