Thursday, February 2, 2012

Down and Dirty Valentine's Craft for Kids

Last weekend I needed a project to do with Addison.  She loves to make crafts with me, and she's getting to the age where she gets pretty creative with what she makes.  Before Christmas, my mom bought her a small tree for her room, and she got pretty attached to it.  She loves it because it was a gift from her mimi, and couldn't bear to take it down after the holidays.  I told her we could decorate it for Valentines Day - and every other holiday after that if she wanted.

We went through my stash of paper and chose anything we could find that was pink or red.  I just ran a few sheets through my cricut, cutting hearts in various sizes.  Then we punched holes in the top and tied some bakers twine into a loop to hang them.  She already had a bunch of pink ornaments on the tree, so we left those and just added the hearts.  Easy - and Addie loved hanging the hearts on the tree!

After that, I asked if she wanted to make some garland to hang on her window.  This was the fun part where we actually got to decorate stuff.  We sat on the floor in my office surrounded by paper, punches, scissors and gluesticks.  Addie wanted me to make some hearts, and she would decorate hers herself.  Whenever I made a suggestion, so informed me that this was HER project.  LOL.  OK - it all yours!

Once the hearts were complete, we strung them up and hung them.  Super easy and fun project.  She had a ball.

Can you tell which ones were made by mommy?

I think, along with the tree decorating, this may become a new tradition for every holiday. 

Have an awesome day!  It's Thursday - yay!!


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