Monday, March 5, 2012

Showered With Love

I need to start out by saying that I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!  This past Saturday my Sisters In Law and friend Ginger (from the Savvy Shanty) threw me a baby shower at Ginger's house. 

OMG - Ginger seriously did an amazing job with the decor and food.  She picked up the 70s Vintage theme from Baby H's room and totally ran with it. The whole shower was a 1977 theme (for the year I was born).  It was so colorful and just perfect - right down to the food.  She even served my favorite (fish sticks and macaroni and cheese)...yes you heard that correctly!  LOL.  I love them! 

Please forgive me for posting so many pics - I just can't help but share EVERYTHING - it was so awesome! 

OK - so before I go on, I neglected to tell you all last week that I spent about 24 hours in the hospital.  Not to worry, everything is fine, but when I went in for my regular check up, my blood pressure was the doc sent me down to be monitored.  Needless to say, they ran tests and released me, but not before they proceeded to give me like 4 bags of IV fluid.  Now, I am a swollen nightmare.  This whole pregnancy I have managed to escape the swelling, until now.  Now my face and body look like a water balloon.  Oh well - only 2 1/2 weeks to go!

 This was a fun 1977 trivia game we played.  I didn't win, boo!

Me with my hostesses, Addie and Miss Priss (Ginger's Daughter). 

Thank you to Ashleigh, Brooke and Ginger for throwing me an amazing shower!  Thank you also to all of the friends and family who attended.  Baby H is coming into this world with so many people who love him!!


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