Sunday, May 6, 2012

Say Cheese!

I am getting a jump on writing this morning so it doesn't come down to the wire again.  When my mom and sister came to visit a few weeks ago, my sis took a ton of pictures of the kids.  She is a great photographer (we keep telling her she should do it full time).  Well, she finally posted them to Facebook, so I was able to download them and share with you!

She took a TON while she was here, but I thought I would share some of my favorites.  I'll warn you, there are still a lot, but this by far is me editing WAY down.  LOL. 

Little Man

Morgan with his big cousin Brooklyn

Gone Fishin'

Caught a Fish - Just like Daddy!!

Sweet little face

Sweet little tootsies

Wrapped in Daddy's Camo

Love this shot of Addison and Brooklyn!

Addie and Brooklyn

Big Sister and her Baby Brother

Mimi with all of her Grands!

Addison is a whiz at the Monkey Bars!

Love this shot!

Me and my Niece

Kissing my Little Man's Sweet Face

Addie Hammin it up

We let Addison stay home from school for a few days while they were here.  She actually told her teacher that she had a "Photo Shoot" that day.  They thought she was modeling or something.  Too funny.

Thanks Nicole for taking such great shots!  We miss you guys so much!!


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