Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #3 - Macrame Bracelets

I fell in love when i saw these  Macrame Bracelets from Honestly...WTF on Pinterest. So pretty, right?  So I used her tutorial and made a few for myself.

I couldn't find the exact cording she used in Hobby Lobby, nor a large color selection, so I ended up going with a neutral colored hemp.  I also searched high and low for some little gold charms.  Nope, couldn't find any of those either.  I ended up finding the gold rings (blue bracelet), and improvising with the rest.  The other three were joined together with a fourth ring, and hubby had to use pliers to get them apart for me.

In the end, I liked the way they turned out, but I like the original better.  Maybe next time I will order the supplies from online as recommended.


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