Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Nursery Inspiration

One of the great things about visiting my parents is that my sister and her husband live right across the street!  I love it - I can just hop from house to house and get all of the quality time I need with my family.  My sister is 30 weeks pregnant today, and in full nesting and prep for her little one to arrive.  The nursery is coming along, but there is one final thing to do before assembling all of the furniture.  She was super inspired by the white board flooring in many of the Pottery Barn catalog rooms.

I searched high and low for a good image of the floor, and this was one of the best I could find.  I have a hunch that most everyone reading right now knows exactly the floors I mean.

So, my mom found an online tutorial for my sis at the Frugal Farmhouse Design on how to install these floors.  We went to Home Depot last night and picked out the paint color and supplies and plan to get to work this weekend.  I'm super excited to help, and will keep you posted on progress with before, after and during pics.  Yay - I have a project!  LOL.  Actually, my bro-in-law's best friend will be doing most of the work, but I'm going to try to help where I can. 

I have a funny feeling that when this project is done, I'm going to be pretty jealous.  Maybe I can get hubby to try this at home.


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