Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Friday Night

Been hard at work on the nursery since last night.  My sister and her hubby are out of town, so her husband's best friend and I are doing the work in the nursery to surprise them when they get back.  My back is already hurting from painting the floor boards, but it's all for my sis!  I don't get to see her much since I live SO far away, so I'm really excited to use the time that I am up here to help with something for the baby. We started sanding and painting the boards last night and are about half way done - whew...there's alot of them...

Here's a pic of the before of the room.  My bro-in-law already started painting and putting up the chair rail - looking cute so far I must say!

Now, bro-in-law's best friend (let's call him Handy Man) is ripping up the carpet, baseboards, and a bunch of other things that I'm not up with the lingo on.

Of course, I'm standing back taking pics, and blogging about it - doesn't seem fair, does it?  Guess I better go help!  Till tomorrow!!


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