Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bat Mitzvah Gift - Sneak Peak

I have been hard at work on some custom scrapbooks as gifts for twin girls who are about to celebrate their Bat Mitzvah.  I finally have all of the pages laid out, and thought I would give you a sneak peak before I started assembling.  The party theme is "Please Don't Stop the Music" and the colors are midnight blue and purple.  These pages in particular are for family pics, and don't incorporate the music theme.  You'll see how I worked that in on the other pages when I post the final project.  Fun fun!!

I was able to work in some tulle onto these pages, which ended up being my favorite part.  One thing I love about scrapbooking is that you can never make a mistake.  When I was punching the holes to stick the brads through the flowers, I noticed that my punch made little divots in the edges of the cream paper.  So, I just went with it and distressed the edges of the paper - mistake hidden AND I think it actually added a little something that was missing.

Till tomorrow!  I am praying that I can show you the final product - hope they are done by then!  I have to take Addie to kindergarten registration tomorrow, so my post may be later in the day than usual.

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