Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time to Slow Down

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  The past few weeks have been totally insane for me, and to be honest, I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed.  I am two weeks into my new job, and it's going great, but I feel like I need to find my balance.  Not going to lie - my blog has been suffering a bit - I hope you all can stick it out with me as I go through these growing pains.  I would imagine it's going to take me about a month to settle back into a groove.  I have a lot to learn in my new job, and that has taken a large portion of my focus.  My to-do lists are piling up at home - projects galore that I want and need to complete have taken a back seat.  They WILL get done - I am sure of that, but it's definitely going to be a much longer process than it used to be.  The days of crafting all day have come and gone, but that doesn't mean I don't still love it!!  I just need to figure out how to do it all - job, family, crafts, business, and of course all of you!!

So, this weekend, I spent some much needed quality time with my family.  We spent the entire day on the lake yesterday, and let me tell you - it felt sooo good to sit back and relax.  I thought I would share some of our day with you.

It was totally hot - about 90 degrees yesterday - and the water was only 73.  It felt soooo cold!  Addie loves to swim though, and I was getting quite toasty so I figured, what the heck.  

Addison has turned into quite the lake rat.  I can't wait until we can start pulling her on water skis!!

That's hubby - I don't believe you've ever seen him before!  Well, now you get to see the lake hair, and the bare chest!!  (He's gonna kill me for posting this!)

I bought these cups yesterday because they were on sale.  I thought they were just regular party cups, until I realized that you can write your name on them!!  They have a thin wax that you just scrape your nail on.  Totally cool!!

Speaking of bad hair, please don't look at mine!  Yuck!

There came a point in the day when I told Addison she was on her own.  I couldn't get back in that freezing water.  She's resilient, apparantly!

Towards the end of the day we headed to a cove that we have named "Sunset Cove".  It's super close to our marina, so it's a straight shot in the dark.  We love it because it lives up to its name - and has an amazing sunset view!!

Not long after we anchored up in sunset cove, we saw a few hot air balloons flying overhead.  Amazing, and so beautiful!!

Addison and I decided to settle into a good spot for the light show.  Don't be mad mom - I let her take her life jacket off for a minute because she was really sweaty!!  

Ahh - this is the relaxation I needed...

It was an amazing day.  Much needed.  Please bear with me over the next few weeks.  I am coming up with a game plan for the blog.  I know I can do it all - I just need to get my system down.  I love blogging and crafting, and all of you!!  Let me know if there is anything you want to see, or would like me to change.  Any and all feedback is much welcomed!!


  1. You have a great blog- but fam always comes first:) glad you had a great weekend- seems like you will feel better once you take your time and come up with a game plan-

  2. So awesome to spend time with family enjoying life. What a wonderful day. And don't you look sexy in that suit. ooo I love it!!