Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Home Tour - Dining Room

Hi everyone!  Well, you have seen my Christmas mantle and tree in my great room - I hope to be able to take some pics of the room in it's entirety before Christmas.  In the meantime, I thought I would share my Dining Room with you!  Because the walls are a shade of green, that is the one room where I usually go with all traditional colors.  This year, I did the opposite and went totally nontraditional with teal, copper and gold (and some sage green tossed in for fun)!

Hubby picked out that birdcage - completely embellished and adorned at one of my favorite wholesale decor shops - LOVE it.  That was the item that kicked off this look.

The runner on the table was made from drop cloth remnants from when I made my tree skirt.

I scored these glass hurricane vases (for free!) a few years ago when I hosted a Party Lite party.  I added a white pillar candle from the dollar store and some copper and teal ornaments that I used on my tree last year.

Here's a close up of Hubby's birdcage - didn't he do a good job picking it out?

I ended up with extra garland and lights this year since I made the new goods for the mantle.  This grapevine used to hang over my kitchen window, but I thought the dining room needed a little sparkle too!!

I made this wreath to hang on the mantle last year, but it was a perfect addition to the dining room window this season.  I added some bookpage rosettes to bring some earthiness to the bling - and of course the peacock feather had to be a part of the festivities!

Here's a close up of the garland.  The ornaments were added to extend the color scheme through the room.  Sparkle and shine! 

So that's the dining room - hope you enjoyed it.  I smile every time I walk past this room!!

I will try to take pics of the rest of the house so I can post them by Saturday. I just need to do some - Ahem - cleaning first!!  LOL.


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