Thursday, January 5, 2012

11 Weeks to Go!!

No craft to share today - but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!  I have been cooking - well baking actually...a the oven!  Yes, I'm a dork I know!  I'm 28 weeks today, so by my calculations I only have 11 weeks to go!  We had to schedule the birth this time - and the date is March 23rd.  So, unless this little boy decides to come early - there are only 11 weeks left!

There is so much to be done - he still needs a room - and a name.  We cannot decide on a name!!!  I like Benjamin the best, hubby likes Christian.  Then, there are the floater names that keep popping up a lot - Dylan and Reid.  What's your favorite? Help us choose!!

Here I was at 26 weeks - getting bigger!  Don't mind the rats nest bun on top of my head!!

And here I am now - at 28 weeks.  This little boy is growing and active - very active - and I'm loving every minute that I get to feel him move around!

So, what do you think about the names?  Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite.  Hopefully if there is an overwhelming consensus it will help us decide.  You guys are the best!



  1. You're such a cute little pregnant lady! I love the name Reid! :)

  2. I love Reid! It was my grandfather's name and it's on our short list as well for our littlest guy due in April. I also do not think you can go wrong with either Christian or Benjamin! Maybe Benjamin Reid Hayes? Beautiful!! You could always call him Reid but I think the syllables flow well with a 3-2-1 name!