Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fresh Start to 2012

As much as I loved my holiday decor, I was surprisingly very excited to take it all down.  I couldn't wait to redo my mantle and built ins to just my "everyday" look.  I wanted something simple - something that could stay up for awhile.  Something tells me I'll be pretty busy over the next few months and I need something that can extend until at least spring.  Valentine's decor (at least for the mantle) probably won't be happening this year!

I kept it simple - and kept the window up there (I know its getting old), and added a mirror and some other stuff like candles.  Easy peasy, black and white - can't go wrong, right?

And for the shelves - same color scheme.  I was surprised to find all of the black and white stuff I had lying around the house just waiting for a home.  Love that nothing had to be made for this - it was already done!

I made the shadow box awhile ago to decorate my old office (my office when I actually worked at a company office that is).  The other black frame was decorated and used there as well. along with the european frame and black and white box (which I purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Love it - and done.  Fresh start for 2012!

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  1. the window is a winner, why not use it?! :) Esther

  2. Your displays are so pretty. I love the black and white and vintage touches. You have a great style.

  3. Love the chalkboard tray and basket on your mantel!

  4. Visiting from TT & J! I felt exactly the same with our Christmas decorations. Love how you kept it simple.

  5. Very pretty! I love the shabby window mixed with th esilver candlesticks!

  6. That looks beautiful! I'm the process of switching over the decor on my mantel and shelves and am craving something neutral after so many seasonal looks. You captured it wonderfully.