Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday I'm In Love - WOW!

Wow!  That's all I can say about the fun and creative projects I found this week.  Genius would be another word actually.  How do these people come up with this stuff?  Sometimes I go through my blogger feed and feel like a kid in a candy store - I just can't click through them fast enough!! 

Check out this DIY Knock Off Industrial Light from Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers.   WOW, right?  She included to full tutorial on how she made this little beauty.  Seriously, I would never look at the original she saw and think "I could make that" - but Becca did!

Holy fun-ness (yes I made up a word)!!  LOVE this Corner Gallery from Little Things Bring Smiles.  HOW stinkin cool. I think everyone needs one of these in their house!  Check out Katie's instructions on how she did it in her post.

Here's another project from Mandi at Vintage Revivals that totally knocks my socks off.  See that there?  That's a painted cement floor.  Yup.  Nuff said.   


The colors in this handmade notebook from Meeha Meeha are so gorgeous.  You know I'm a sucker for paper crafts, and when I saw this I think I may have drooled a little bit.  That cover there?  She made it from an old skirt.  

Finally, I saw this kitchen island transformation from Kristi at I Should Be Mopping The Floor.  You have got to hop over there to see the before and after - it's pretty amazing.  I'm inspired - Oh Hubby...I have a project for you!!!


That's the roundup for this week - pretty awesome.  If you were featured, please feel free to grab a button from my sidebar.

Happy FRIDAY!!




  1. Wow, all these features are simply incredible - the painted floor! The industrial light! What can I say - thanks a million for including my little notebook in such amazing company :)

  2. Thanks for sharing my light, Jen! You are the BEST! I'm so glad you liked my little knock off! That is one awesome round up I'm stoked to be inlcuded!
    How have you been, chica?
    xo Becca