Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This and That

In addition to my mantle display, I also "summerfied" a few other rooms in my house last week.  Since school started, my chalkboard wall has housed the school calendar - it's how I keep track of Addison's PE days and all of the other goings on that I can't ever remember.  Well, now that school is over, I get my wall back!  Once again, I hit Pinterest for some family quotes.  What did we ever do without Pinterest?  I found this one and decided to draw it on the wall.

My dining room needed a much needed summer facelift too.  I had the same stuff in there pretty much all winter, so I updated it, and added a fun summer touch.  I don't think I'm quite done in there yet - I need to finish the table display.

That's what new around here.  Just a little at a time - I do what I can.


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