Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #1

Last week, Kate from Censational Girl posted about an upcoming Linky Party (which starts tomorrow) that she and a few other bloggers are hosting called The Pinterest Challenge - Summer Edition.  I was immediately inspired to get off my lazy butt and start tackling some projects from my Pinterest To-Do List.  I love this challenge because it applies to anything you may have pinned, from recipes you would like to try, to cleaning tips, crafts, home projects - you name it.  Even though the party is only going on this week, I think I may just have to continue the challenge on my own.  I got a head start this weekend and already knocked 4 things off my ever growing list!

The first project I tackled was one that I had been planning to do anyway.  At the beginning of the summer I went to a Tupperware Party (yes, they still sell the stuff)!  I purchased some of those popcicle holders - you know, the same ones they had when we were kids.  Since then, Addie and I have had some fun finding and trying a plethora of recipes.  Awhile back I pinned a recipe for Watermelon Yogurt Popcicles via Jamielyn {}

The original recipe can be found at Family Fresh Cooking

Image via Family Fresh Cooking

I followed the directions, and they came out pretty good.  They are super refreshing.  I used honey as my sweetener though, and I probably either should have used splenda or added extra sweetener to the recipe.  They needed just a bit more and I wasn't sure how much honey I should use.  The mixture tasted good, but once I froze them the water of the popcicle kind of diluted it a bit I think.

In any case - I let Addie try them out the morning after we made them.  Yes, she is in her PJs in these pictures, LOL.  She couldn't wait to try them, although I made her eat breakfast first.  Even though I guess watermelon and yogurt wouldn't have been a bad breakfast at all!

It feels so good to be getting some of this stuff done.  Can't wait to share the rest of my projects with you!


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  1. Awwwww, my sweet princess looks beautiful eating those yummy pops. Your pics look amazing. Good job. Hey, how bout letting Addie review the pinterest foods you make? Especially the kid friendly ones.....just a thought! *Big Love*