Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Utter Devastation

I was going to post pictures of my Halloween party today, but it just seems so trivial compared to what all of my family and friends back in NJ are going through today.  You may have seen my hometown, Tuckerton, or neighboring town, Long Beach Island, on the news over the past couple days.  Sandy completely destroyed everything in her sight.  Thank God my family and their homes were spared, but so many of my friends lost everything.  Sandy completely leveled sections of my town - it makes me want to cry looking at all of the images I have been seeing on Facebook.

These are some of the images I have seen of Tuckerton:

This is a link to a video that the reporters mistakenly thought was Long Beach Island, it was actually a section of my hometown, Tuckerton Beach.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home in NJ.  Thank God everyone made it safely through the storm.  I pray that recovery will be swift.

All I can say is please donate to the Red Cross or other recovery funds.  These wonderful people need any help you can provide.

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