Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 10 - Hairbow & Headband Holder

Wow - this has been such an exciting week for me!  I need to send out a huge THANK YOU to kojo designs for featuring my necklace on "Friday Fun Finds" AND to A Few of my Favorite Things  for also featuring that necklace on "Favorite Things Friday".  It is such an honor, and I am truly grateful.

For those of you who have been asking for a necklace tutorial, I just have to go buy a chain, and then I should be ready to go.  The chain I used for the original was from an old necklace that I never wore, and I don't have another one in the house.  Thanks for being patient!

OK - on to today's craft.  I am attempting my first tutorial, so bear with me - this may be a LONG post.  Today I made this bow holder:

So, the other day I spent about 10 minutes trying to locate matching barrettes for Addison's hair, and decided that I need to make a bow and headband holder to hang in Addie's bathroom.  I looked all around the house for something I could transform, and my search brought me to a box in the garage labeled "yard sale".  In that box, I found this old frame:

I took it apart and decided to paint the frame and the matte.  Addison's bathroom is bright colors and has a hula girl beach theme, so I wanted it to match.

I painted the frame blue, and the matte a creamy white.

Next, I designed a hula girl in photoshop and printed 2 copies out on white cardstock.  Then, I cut one out around the outline, and saved the full sheet for later.

I wanted to add dimension to the hula skirt, so I gathered about 3 pieces of raffia and tied it into a knot, trimmed the top down to the knot and left the rest long (I wanted to trim it after it was all attached).  Then I hot glued about 15 of those to the skirt.

After she was all assembled, I attached pop dots to the back and stuck her down on top of the other print out that I had saved.

Next, I placed the matte over top of the image and traced around it, making sure it was centered.  I cut the paper to fit and then mounted the matte to the cardstock using my ATG glue runner.  Then I just inserted the matte and image into the frame, and placed the backing over it.

For the ribbon, I just cut 3 pieces of ribbon in two coordinating colors - totaling 6 pieces.  I placed a small dot of hot glue to the top of the pink piece and attached the yellow ribbon.

I wanted to make sure that all three pieces were evenly spaced, so I measured and made dots on the back to mark the spot where I wanted to attach the ribbons.  I attached the two outside ribbons first.

Next, I just needed to make the loop that would hold the headbands.  I took the remaining 2 ribbons, attached the yellow to the pink at the top, looped it around and then glued it together on the back side as well.

The last part was to attached the loop to the center on the back of the frame.  I didn't like how the yellow ribbon wasn't laying flat to the pink, so I decided to place a glue dot on the bottom as well to hold it in place.

Finally, I just stuck one of those Command hooks on the door (so that I can remove it without damaging the door later), and hung up the frame!

I love the way this came out - and Addison was thrilled!!  Till tomorrow!!!

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  1. Wow, you have the best Ideas!! This is so cute

  2. I love the dimension the raffia added to the skirt. This is the cutest bow holder I have seen!!!!

  3. Adorable!!! Such a great, detailed tutorial. I love her bathroom--so bright and fun. The little hulu girl is just adorable. :) I need to work on a new hair bow holder for my girls. Theirs are a big mess!

    Thanks so much for joining my party. Have fun finding some new reads! Hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon! :)

  4. This is super cute. I am going to be doing some holders for a display of hair accessories I am going to put on display at a local hair salon. I am following from Tater Tots and Jello. I did not link up because there was sooo much already. I hope you come by to visit.

  5. That is beyond cute! My daughter's bows are all piled in stacking boxes on her dresser and it does take forever to find the matching ones. This would be such a fun way to display them and have them easier to find! :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday and I hope to see lots more of you in the future!

  6. Super super cute! I am sharing this with my sister-in-law who just told me the other day she needed to buy her girls a new hair bow holder. Great job!

  7. Absolutely darling!! I love this and it is so creative too! Well done! Thanks for stopping by and sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)