Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Mantle 2012

As I was looking through Pinterest, I came across this image.  I absolutely loved the color scheme so I grabbed the handy dandy Chip It function and used this photo as my mantle inspiration.

As I mentioned yesterday, I knew I wanted to incorporate a bunch of mums into my display.  I just had to collect some things that rolled into the color scheme and go from there. 

Remember my paint chip pumpkin garland from last year?  I draped that over the mirror for my pop of orange.

Here's a close up of the coffee filter mums I made.

I think I ended up achieving the look and feel of that inspiration image.  I'm loving the simplicity of this display this year!

Here's a collection of fall'ish items in my built-ins.  I picked up the wood display case, loaf pans and wooden spools from a local antique mall.  Love my fab finds!!

Happy Fall Y'all!