Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 13 - Who Knew Grocery Shopping Could Be Stylish?

Happy Monday Everyone!!

During my trip to Hobby Lobby on Saturday, I found this bag:

I thought - wouldn't that be cute to fix up and use as a green grocery bag?  So, for $1.99, I threw it in my basket.  My initial thought was to buy those printable iron on transfers and design something cute to put on burlap and then hand sew on the bag.  BUT - the iron on paper was $8.99, and with no job right now, I left those transfers at the check out line.

As I headed home, I decided that I would paint the bag - I knew I had a really cute shade of green acrylic paint at home, and thought I read somewhere that you could paint fabric with acrylic paint.  So I made a few calls (to people who know these things) to make sure that I could do it.  I was told that it's totally fine as long as I heat set it!  Cool - done and done.

I knew that I wanted to do stripes.  Vertical stripes down the center of the bag to be exact.  I didn't want the paint to bleed through the bag, so I stuck a piece of cardboard in it to prevent that from happening.  Then, I lined up painter's tape in the layout I wanted and just started painting.  

After the first side dried, I turned it over and did the same to the back.  Then I just removed the tape, and it looked like this:

After a few hours, when it was good and dry, I ironed both sides (with a cloth laid over the bag) to heat set it.  I wanted to add a little flair, but keep with the natural theme, so I made a pom pom out of twine and attached it to the handle.  All done!!

I can't wait to go grocery shopping now - so fun!

Till tomorrow!

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