Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Tablescape

I know, I know - I am as sick of fall stuff as you are!  BRING on the Christmas decor!  But I was a day late and a dollar short in posting my Thanksgiving Day tablescape.  So... you have to endure the fall motif for one more post.  I drew a lot of inspiration from my Friday Favorites two weeks ago.  (I had a houseful last Friday, I apologize.  I didn't post my favorites, oops.  This is why I need to start scheduling my posts.)

I loved Finding Home's tablescape so much - so you'll see some resemblances here.  I used what I had to make it my own, and my many Thanksgiving guests (16 to be exact) loved the look.

I went to Hobby Lobby last week with the intention of buying burlap for the table runner, but alas - they were out.  I substituted with muslin - which you will see make a return very soon in a future post.


Almost everything I used I either had on hand, bought at the Dollar Tree or Walmart.    Those harvest plates?  Walmart - $2.50 apiece.  I decided to use this opportunity of hosting Thanksgiving for 16 to buy some new digs.  Of course, once Baby Boy H is born, we will be one short...

The prayer tag idea was from Finding Home.  I duplicated the prayer, and printed it on kraft paper, which I then crumbled up in my hand and smoothed out to give it a worn looking texture.

So now - Fall is officially over for me.  I spent last Sunday putting up the tree, working on my mantle, and starting to put out the rest of the Christmas decor.  I don't think it will all be completely finished until this weekend.  I can't wait to share some of my holiday projects with you - I have a lot planned!

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