Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lego Party - Part 2

So, a few months ago, my friend Elizabeth contacted me to see if I could design some invitations and favors for her son Anderson's 5th birthday.  She mentioned that he LOVED Legos, and we immediately decided on a Lego inspired party.  I was so excited, I got right to work on the invitations (which I shared yesterday).

After that, she hit Pinterest for some ideas on the decor, and I tried to stay off of it.  I had the invitation design down, but didn't want to be too influenced by all of the wonderful Lego-themed ideas out there.  Once everything was designed, I joined her in the fun and we found such cute ideas!!

Three nights last week, Elizabeth and I got in some serious crafting time to get ready for Saturday's party.  Hubby got stuck with Morgan during his "witching hours" and I got some much needed creative therapy.  Sounds like a great deal to me (hubby did not think so)!  I apologize for how many pictures are going to follow - I love all of the bright colors and couldn't help myself.

The party was held at the Lakeside Pavilion in our neighborhood.  I love this location because there is a Mantle!  LOL - I'm a sucker for mantles.  Elizabeth found the favor bag idea on Pinterest, made them all, AND had the brilliant plan to place them on top of the mantle for the display.  LOVE! This was also the perfect place to display the Happy Birthday Bunting.

I had a blast designing the custom favor toppers (4 different designs), welcome sign, bag toppers, and water bottle labels.  Elizabeth asked if I could also do a tented sign for a Lego guess game.  The kids loved this, and the winner got a prize!

Here's another look at the cupcake toppers and heck out that CAKE!!  No - I did not make that.  Our neighbor and friend Mai made this cake - isn't it incredible?

So amazing!!!

Elizabeth also found this idea on Pinterest.  She made little snack boxes out of mini cereal boxes - super cute!

I loved her idea for mason jars filled with legos, tied with balloons.  It was super windy that day, and those balloons gave us a run for our money. We placed butcher paper on all of the tables and some crayons made from a lego mold (also made by Elizabeth).  The kids loved coloring, and they took all of the legos out of the jars to play with them.

These plates and juice box wrappers were also things she found on, you guessed it - Pinterest.  They came out really cute.

One of the nights last week, we made these awesome paper plate polyhedrons.  These were so much fun to make and I am absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out.  I will definitely be making these again!

She got her money's worth out of the lego molds and also made these chocolates and lego shaped ice cubes!  Too cute!

Anderson enjoyed himself so much - he just loved all of the legos!  After all of that work, I decided to list these on Etsy as my first Printable PDF Party pack.  More to come!!!


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  1. Amazing! Every new item was cuter than the last. Great theme for a party.

  2. Love this!!! I hope you are well dear Friend!!

  3. Everything is absolutely adorable. I love all the attention to details. Filing this away for the future.