Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 21 - Wishing for Spring

If I wish REALLY hard, do you think I can get spring to come any faster??  That is my thought process behind my projects for the rest of the week.  I am really tired of looking at my winter mantel, and also really tired of winter.  So I'm thinking that maybe - just maybe - if I start my spring decorating, the groundhog prophecies will come true?  

Each day this week, I will be working on projects to incorporate into my spring mantle.  Today, I started with cute bunting that will kick off my theme.  Usually, I would save this project for last - as the piece de resistance, but in this case - it will serve as my inspiration for everything else.

I painted some letters on burlap and then hand stitched (can't wait for my sewing class) it to some twine.  It needed something else, so I added some white rosettes to either end.

Now they are calling for potential snow on Wednesday night - maybe my effort will thwart it off!!

Till tomorrow!

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  1. Once again what a great Idea.. I can't wait to see all your spring things you do!!!