Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh and Clean - Spring Shelves

Oh my goodness - this day got away from me!  We just got nailed with a crazy thunderstorm - tornado watch and all.  I am a totally crazy weather nut.  Tornado season is like my Christmas!  I obviously don't wish for a tornado for anyone, but the storms that come with it are pretty insane and fun to watch.

So...with the storms, spring has officially arrived - and so has my spring decor!  LOL.  Yesterday I posted my dining room decorations, and today I have my built-in shelves to share.  I wanted to keep everything clean and fresh, and incorporate some colored glass (and my very small collection of sea glass).

This display makes me say ahhhh...(I am such a dork I know)...

Happy Spring!  If you are affected at all by this storm system, stay safe!

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  1. Looks Fab. I love sea Glass, I collect it too.

  2. Yes! Love that trunk! I just finished changing my shelves around too, must do a post on that. Thanks for the eye candy! xx,
    Autumn Clark