Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Halfway There - Easy and Cheap, Glass Etched Monograms for Day 15!

Well - my project today didn't go exactly as planned.  I started working on something VERY ambitious this morning thinking I could finish it before I pick up Addison from school at 2:30 - HA! Not happening. So - time for plan B.  Hopefully I can get that other project done tomorrow.

Here is a VERY easy craft idea that would be great for gifts, or just to treat youself!  This technique can be used on glasses, picture frames - the sky is the limit really (for anything glass anyway).

I started with these 2 pilsner glasses that I purchased at the Dollar Tree for - you guessed it - $2.00. I washed and dried them thoroughly before starting the etching.

Then, I used my cricut to cut out two lowercase "h"s (for Hayes of course) out of contact paper.  Contact paper can be purchased for super cheap at Walmart.  I popped out the H and cut a square around the letter.  (Make sure to leave enough room outside the letter so that the etching cream doesn't bleed over the sides.)

After that, take the paper off the back to expose the adhesive side and carefully stick the contact paper to the glass.  Etching glasses can be kind of tricky since the edge is curved - you might have to play with it a bit to get it on the way you want.  (Flat glass from a frame would be much easier).  Make sure to securely adhere all of the edges - and try to remove any ridges from the letter surface.  If the outside of the letters isn't laying flat - the cream will bleed under the contact paper and your image will be smeared.

With a small paint brush, brush the etching cream onto the letter (I use Armour Etch which can be found at Hobby Lobby).  You want to make sure it is covered - but don't really need to glop it on there.  

Once that is done, let them sit for about 15 minutes.  The instructions on the bottle say to leave it on for 5 minutes, but I find that the etch looks way better if you leave it on longer.  Keep an eye on them while the cream does its magic - it may drip.

With the contact paper still on, rinse all of the cream off with water.  Then just remove the paper and wash your glass.  That's it!!  This is what the final product looks like:

I have made these and filled them as wedding favors for clients.  Super easy.

Till tomorrow!  (Hopefully I can finish the other project to share).  :o)

- Jenn

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  1. I have so wanted to have monogrammed Glasses thank you for sharing this..And it looks easy to boot..

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have never seen this used before and just love the results.

  3. You know, a friend showed a group of us how to do this and we made vases. I never thought to do a set of glasses.............DUH!!!!! I am going to make myself a set of monogrammed glasses now! Thanks! XO, Pinky

  4. Thank you for showing us that this is so easy! I have been wanting to try this! thanks for the inspiration!