Friday, March 4, 2011

Oceans of Thanks

The past few days have been so busy!  My sister's baby shower is coming fast, and I spent most of the week making her invitations.  I can't wait to show you everything I am doing for the shower - I wish I didn't have to keep it all a surprise.  I'm not good at happy surprises, I admit it.  I get so excited about good, happy news that I have a hard time keeping it to myself.  BUT, since I spoiled the date for my sister's bridal shower (and then had to change the date), I guess I better keep this one under wraps.

In addition to those invitations, yesterday I received a request for a custom listing in my Etsy shop.  This customer was interested in some thank you cards for a birthday party that she was throwing for her son and daughter at a nearby aquarium.  She pretty much left the design up to me (love that!), but just asked for it to fit her theme and incorporate the party colors (turquoise, orange and pink).  As soon as she told me the theme and color scheme, I immediately had an idea in my head.

They came out exactly how I had envisioned them.  Now I just have to finish assembling and ship them out!

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  1. As always just the cutest things ever!! you are so talented! have I told you that.?.

  2. Oh, my word, Jenn!! You are such a talented girl. The colors are perfect, and the wording is too cute. Love it!

    Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)