Monday, March 14, 2011

Woo Hoo - Finished!!

We actually finished the floors last night - all that's left is to apply a coat of polyurethane and installing the baseboards - but my sis came home last night and I didn't want to post the final product until she saw it!  She was so happy, they came out just as she wanted them to - wow...what a lot of work.  Thanks to Handy Man and his helper who did most of the work.  I played the role of painter and slave driver :)

Here they are - I'm so proud!!  Can't wait to see the room all put together!

Here's the Before:

And the After:

My Bro-In-Law hasn't seen them yet - not till Friday!  If anyone reading this knows him, don't say a word!!  (I don't think he'll be reading my blog...)!


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  1. are you going to stain them? how much did this project end up costing versus using hardwoods? pretty nifty!


    stuff and nonsense

  2. I love it! That looks so beautiful and perfectly "cottage-y". I think you did a fabulous job and we are so thrilled that you came by and linked up to Inspiration Friday this week!