Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Craft Frenzy - Part 2

Hope you enjoyed all of our beautiful treasures from yesterday!  Today I have LOTS MORE!  If I told you we were on a roll - it would be an understatement.  I am not even posting all of the pictures - it was so much!  Here we go:

The first started out as a plain black bracelet.  Ginger made a bunch of these flowers so she added it to my bracelet.  Doesn't it look like a corsage?

The turquoise beaded chain shown here was way too short, so it sat in my jewelry box unused for years.  Ginger added a chain to the top to make it longer, and then used a few of my parts and pieces and one of her old earrings to make the pendant.

The base of this necklace is still in tact.  I loved it with the crocheted flower, and then we added a broken earring to the center.  I heart this one!

Ginger had a necklace that was also too short.  It was doubled up, so she detached it and added the heart pendant.

This is one of our faves.  All it took to make this wooden necklace was to add one of the beautiful yellow peonies!  This color combo rocks!

This was a fun little cluster.  I think this one looks like an Anthro knockoff!

Last but not least is the burlap.  You can't have a crafting session without burlap!!

Wow - what a night!  We had a blast.  I think we need to do this more often - it's been way too long!!  Stay tuned - you should be seeing more from my friend Ginger soon!!

Have an awesome day! 

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  1. oh I just love all the necklaces how cute!! thanks for the sweet comment earlier, now following you!! (: Kelli & Kristi