Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling the Crunch

Only 7 days to go until I start the new job, so now I'm in a panic (well... that might be a little dramatic).  But I am trying to get a bunch of stuff done that I have been procrastinating since I lost my job in January.  Since the new job is work from home (YAY!!!), my next big project is going to be tackling my home office.  I can't (won't) start on another room until I finish the others that I have started (i.e. downstairs bath and kitchen).

So, with a very limited budget, I decided to work on the bathroom.  Here's what it looked like before:

For months I have been searching for some type of small shelf for over the toilet.  I wanted open shelving, but everything I found was too big, or just not right.  Last week, I found this on clearance at a shop in the mall that was closing.  Just added a rolled up hand towel, some jelly and cherry jars that I saved and filled with cotton balls and q-tips, and a small bunch of lavender.  Love it!

I desperately needed some artwork in there too, so I spent the last day searching through images on The Graphics Fairy.  If you haven't been there yet - GO!  Karen has so many amazing images for download, and lots of craft ideas too.

So, I ended up with two images - one with vintage toothbrushes, and one with soap.  I love them both!!  I purchased two 8 x 10 frames from Walmart for $3 a piece, resized the images to fit, and voila!  Awesome artwork for $6!!

I hung the shelf a little high over the toilet on purpose.  I think I want to add a little screw to the bottom and hang a wreath.  I'm not quite sure what kind I want to make, so that's a future project I guess.

Then, the last thing to do is to get hubby to help me frame out our mirror.  Baby steps, but it is certainly coming along!

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  1. It looks great! Love the new artwork. :) Thanks for the visit!

  2. Pretty darn cute - great job on a budget. I love the toothbrush print!

    henry  happened