Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday I'm In Love

Welcome to week 4 of Friday I'm in Love!!  I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already!!  And tomorrow will also be week four of my Linky Party Saturday Social (Don't Forget to Link Up!!).  This month is flying by! 

It was another week of amazing projects in the bloggy world - I swear summer really inspires everyone to do such amazing things!!

My first love this week is this adorable bag - only $1 from the Dollar Store!!  Lucy from Craftberry Bush conquered her fear of sewing (I share her pain) and made this masterpiece.  I would love to carry this to the boat or pool -I am so proud of you Lucy!!  Now come teach me how to make one!!

I absolutely adore this master bedroom makeover by The Hills.  Dan and Haley did an amazing job transforming their bedroom!  It looks like a hotel room!  Love the design, love the colors - love, love love!!

Carolyn at Homework never ceases to amaze me with her awesome projects.  I thought these coffee bag Father's Day gifts were so great.  I know my husband would love to get this!!  So cute and masculine all at the same time!!

I have been a might bit obsessed with old ladders lately, and was so jealous when I saw this one that Elizabeth at Just Following Jesus found.  I need these for my home office makeover!!  She styled it so well - Elizabeth - send me some of that ladder luck!!

And this may be the last of my favorites today, but it was actually the first that I booked marked for this week's post.  I stumbled on Beach House in the City this week, and I think it may be one of my new favorite blogs!!  Natalie shared an awesome tutorial on how to make these super fun cork boards - one of these are DEFINITELY going in my office!!

Hope you enjoyed my Friday I'm In Love Favorites this week!!  


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my ladder today! Hoping you find one for your office!

  2. thanks so much for the shout out re: my cork board! :)
    Natalie @ Beach House In The City

  3. Your blog is so adorable!!!! I am definitely going to be following you!! If you would like to check out my blog also I would LOVE that!! And follow me too!! I am excited to share new ideas on recipes and about mineral make-up!! And giving away free giveaways on make-up! So look out for it...

  4. Hi Jenn, trying to make a comment, it would not let me use google account, trying this way!
    If you get this I love the ladder and also have been looking for one! Great Blog, thanks