Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Have "That" Kid

 My precious, marvelous, sweet little girl has become the "problem child" at school - ALREADY.  Oh lord - seriously??  The second day, I noticed she came home with a note called: "Skills to Work On".  On that list were a few learning related things - cut in a straight line, etc, but also "Not to talk while the teacher is talking" and "To listen and follow directions".  

I asked Addison about it, and she looked shocked (and embarrassed) - "How did you know?"  I explained to her the importance of listening to her teacher and following directions, and she assured me that she would do better tomorrow.

The next day, she came home and told me "I was on orange, but then I got moved to green", meaning - she was in trouble but managed to squeak out a green smiley face on her report.  I asked what she did - and once again - she was talking in class.  So this time, we had a MUCH more stern conversation, and she promised she would do better.

SO, today my little "angel" came home with an orange frowny face on her report.  :o(  She was talking and disrupting the class again AND she crawled under the bathroom stall while another kid was in there.  Really Addison, really??  Who does that?  How did she decide to do that??  Jeez.

We had a VERY tearful discussion, and have now established rewards for good behavior (thanks Ginger).  Starting Monday, if she gets a full week of smiley faces, she gets a small prize (trip to the park, craft time with mom, etc).   Then, if she gets the whole month of smiley faces, she gets a bigger prize (movie theater trip, Carvel ice cream, etc).  Now, since the reward chart doesn't start until Monday - I had to make sure she was good tomorrow.  Tomorrow, if she comes home WITHOUT a smiley face - no TV all weekend!

So - that has been our first week of school.  I hope this is not an indicator of my child's schooling future!!!

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