Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up!

I know you are all sick of Halloween, as am I!  I just couldn't help doing a little wrap up of the big day.  This year, Addison decided that she wanted to be an angel for Halloween AND this year, I decided to make her costume.  My initial thought was that it would be a cheaper alternative, however, I quickly realized that I ended up spending the same, if not more than if I had just bought it.  

BUT - I must say that this was her best costume yet, and I was really proud of my efforts!  I didn't make the wings (bought those), but made the dress and the halo.  Look at my little angel!!



Close-Up of the Flower & Feather Detail


Me and Addie

I decided to go as a Pregnant Woman, LOL

Love this picture!

Sweet Innocence
Addison had such a blast Trick Or Treating!  What a great Halloween we had!  Lots of fun and candy.  I have to try to keep my hand out of Addie's candy bucket - I think that's the real challenge!  Next year, I will be planning two costumes!  One for Addison and one for the little peanut!

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  1. That is the best costume Addy looks so adorable.

    And you are looking fabulous. Love the Pregnant look.. rocking some killer boots!!